About Us

Ken Putnam

North Carolina’s first trek legend dealer. Ken has been in the bicycle business for 41 years. He has promoted over 500 races, is the co-author of Great Bike Rides In and Around Winston Salem. Ken was instrumental in acquiring access to local MTB trail properties. He is a master bike fitter and mechanic as well as being known far and wide for his beautiful vegetable and fruit garden.

Matt Canter
Matt has been in the bike business for 25 years. He holds a black belt in mechanic’ing and the title Master Bike Repairer at the shop. Matt has raced, promoted, and volunteered at events all over the southeast and the country. He is the father of a teenage daughter and has the shotgun to prove it! In his time off he drives his convertible Porsche through the country side at reasonable and safe speeds.
Bob Stack
A former City fire fighter  assembler, mechanic, sales for 10 years. Bob enjoys riding around his home in Wallburg, and spending time with his new granddaughter. Bob talks a lot.
Alex Claiborne

Wrote this himself. He is entering his 4th season of racing and has been on the business side of bikes for just over 1. Alex always works at the shop but barely ever spends hours on the ‘puter tweaking the shop website with little noticeable visual difference. Alex is not a Sagittarius, nor a father of 3 boys, nor an absent minded husband. Well, not the husband part at least. If I could be one professional athlete I’d be Jon Fox Hamblen.

Charlie Campbell
Charlie has worked in the biking industry since 1980. An avid racer, he won the prestigious Hanes Park Criterium about 100 years ago. He’s a father of two and a part time teacher.
Jon Hamblen
Wrote this himself. He has been crashing bikes since 1979, riding BMX bikes since 1981, and been racing cyclocross/road/mtb’s since 1990. Jon rarely works at the shop but spends hours on the ‘puter tweaking the shop website with little noticeable visual difference. Jon is a Sagittarius, father of 3 boys, and absent minded husband.